Bismarx is the blog of a Dutch electrical engineering student. Posts will be mostly in English, though I might occasionally throw in a Dutch- or German-language post.

In terms of subject matter, this blog will ramble all over the place; whenever I have a more-or-less coherent thought that I want to share with the world, I’ll post it here. However, given my interests, most posts will probably have something to do with politics, European history, engineering, or some combination of those three.

The name “Bismarx” isn’t meant to endorse the views of Otto von Bismarck or those of Karl Marx. Marx was a Communist (no, really?) and Bismarck was a reactionary; I am neither. I chose the name because it nicely expresses three things about me that are relevant for this blog: I like history; I like Germany; and my political position is an unstable mess of left-wing and right-wing ideas, held together by duct tape and prayers.

As a final note, please don’t expect anything resembling regular updates from me. Blogging, like all my hobbies, is a very “bursty” activity for me: sometimes I will publish three posts in three days, sometimes I will be quiet for two months.


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